FTWW: Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales

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FTWW is an organisation set up especially for women living in Wales, who feel like they would benefit from practical advice, help and support dealing with the health-services in their locale.

We have a special interest in endometriosis, and understand the challenges of living with the disease, whilst also trying to access good care and treatment. Unfortunately, as we write, this is practically non-existent for the majority of sufferers in Wales.

A fundamental aim of our association is to campaign for change.

Visit Our Support Group

Visit our FTWW Closed Group on Facebook! It is a friendly, supportive place, and is open to all girls and women living in Wales who want practical help and advice on their issues, treatment, and accessing best healthcare. Click the image above to visit our group or search for FTWW on Facebook to request access to the group.

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Please have a look at our 'About Us' & "Our Mission" sections to read more about FTWW, our aims, objectives, why we created the organisation, and what we're doing to help all women in Wales with their health concerns.

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Visit the contact page to get in touch with us with any questions or comments.

You can also join our Facebook group to discuss endometriosis and health-services in your area with other members. We are very active on Twitter - @FTWW_Wales and can be contacted by messaging us there too!

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